Canvas Wall Art Tips – Decorating Your Infant’s Nursery

Decorating your new baby’s nursery is one of the best and fun parts of motherhood. It is every new mother’s dream to fix up a baby’s room the way she wants to. If you’re expecting a child in a few months, you should start decorating his or her bedroom already.

Of course you would need basic furniture and equipment, but a few decor accent pieces can go a long way to make the nursery look more lively. Little decorations like canvas wall art, stuffed toys, and cute baby keepsakes can add personality to your child’s bedroom.

Here are some basic equipment, furniture and decor pieces that you can use for your new baby’s bedroom:

Crib – The safest and most practical sleeping furniture for a baby would be a crib. They are sturdy and functional and makes it easy for parents to keep the baby safe while everyone else is asleep or busy. If you want something that will save you money in the future, then you might want a convertible crib that can be turned into a toddler’s bed and eventually transformed into an adult bed when your child becomes a teenager.

Drawer Dresser – This is where you can store so many things that your baby needs like clothes, diapers, safety pins, bibs, socks, and so many more. The top of the dresser drawer can also serve as storage space for things you can easily grab without opening a drawer. There are also dressers that come with changing trays on top. These built-in changing trays are safer to use because they don’t move around.

Rocking or Feeding Chair – Rocking chairs are ideal because the rocking motion calms down a baby. It is the perfect piece of furniture to feed and then put a baby to sleep. Fussy babies also calm down faster once you rock her on a rocking chair.

Decor Accents – Decor pieces like canvas wall art, stuffed toys, and area rugs can make your nursery look more pleasant. These are the things that make a room more beautiful. They also determine the unique character of a nursery.

Shelves – This is where you can put decorative keepsakes like stuffed toys, picture books, a sterling silver cup or a decorative silver rattle. You can also place your baby monitor on a shelf near the crib.

Window Dressing – Making the nursery dark when a baby sleeps is important too.