Beauty Devices – Which One is the Best?
There are dozens of beauty devices on the market, but which one is the best? Here are some
options to consider. We also review NuBody 除毛, Droplette, Mami, and ZIIP. All of these devices are
designed to give your skin the glow you’ve always wanted. And what’s even better? You can use
them to treat your skin while you’re at it! Read on to find out more! Let’s start!

The NuBody beauty device sculpts your body in just 5 minutes per area. The device features a
hydrating gel activater to smooth stubborn dimples and hydrate your skin. You can hold the
device in place while watching television Beautyfoomall, and simply add glides when you feel a specific area
needs more attention. The device powers off automatically after five minutes. The NuBODY also
includes a hydrating leave-on gel primer.
The NuBody beauty device is an FDA-cleared at-home microcurrent skin toning device that
visibly tones body skin. Unlike other devices, it does not hurt or cause any discomfort. It helps to
get rid of cellulite, which is caused by the breakdown of connective tissue. It has been clinically
proven to smooth the appearance of cellulite and improve its tone. The NuBody device is
available in different colors and sizes, and is FDA-cleared.
The ZIIP beauty device is an all-in-one, multi-purpose skin treatment solution. You can choose
between nine different treatments, including those to remove pigmentation, clear up skin and
prevent blemishes. You can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The device
connects to a mobile app to control the treatments and connects to the user’s skin using small
energetic vibrations.
This groundbreaking device enables you to achieve a youthful glow without using harsh
chemicals or expensive cosmetic products. Its patented technology generates energy through a
series of microcurrents. The ZIIP uses both micro-current and nano-current technology to treat
skin cells. The lower frequency, known as nanocurrency, is claimed to produce the best results.
The ZIIP beauty device uses both micro and nanocurrency, but this is not the focus of the

The Droplette beauty device uses physics to deliver ingredients deep into the skin’s dermal
layer. Thanks to its exceptional velocity and miniaturization, it effectively penetrates the skin’s
barrier and gets key ingredients to the skin’s deepest layer. In addition, its design protects the
skin from damaging products or the wrong ingredients from penetrating the deeper layers. This
is a breakthrough in skincare technology and a fantastic way to achieve the benefits of a serum
or cream without the need for needles.
The Droplette’s unique design means that you can easily apply the serum or moisturizer
wherever you’d like without the risk of discomfort. Its deep penetrating mist can also benefit your

everyday skincare routine, as over 90% of topical products fail to penetrate the skin’s surface.

This beauty device’s molecules are 10,000 times larger than the ones found in typical topically-
absorbed skincare products, allowing them to reach as far as 20 layers below the surface.


The MAMI is a Hot and Cold Beauty Device with anti-aging benefits. This device combines high-
speed massage, red/blue LED light therapy, and a heating/cooling system to target wrinkles and

fine lines. It also features a built-in ionizer for optimum skin temperature control. The benefits of
this device are obvious and can be enjoyed by both men and women. However, the price tag
may put some consumers off.
The MAMI combines high-speed massage with Red/Blue LED light therapy, heating/cooling
system, and smart vibration technology. Its elegant mermaid shape is designed to follow the
curves of your body. It features two modes, Normal Mode and Caring Mode. Both modes work to
eliminate wrinkles and prevent false wrinkles. Its heating/cooling feature allows you to use MAMI
on multiple areas of your face.